Police ‘safe zone’ event to aid party-goers

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police
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Lincolnshire Police are set to host a multi-agency ‘Safe Zone’ event in Skegness on Thursday, December 12 to coincide with the launch of the town’s new Street Pastor initiative.

The event, which will use the Mobile Police Station as a hub, will be based in Grand Parade and will focus on promoting public safety of ‘pubbers and clubbers’ in the town at the start of the Christmas festive period.

“The festive season is traditionally a time of year when more people are out at night celebrating”, explained Sgt Geoff Harrison, from the town’s Neighbourhood Community Patrol.

“For some, this is the only time of year they go out and we want to ensure that both locals and visitors have a safe and positive experience of Skegness.

“The increase in the amount of people drinking alcohol and potentially using controlled drugs has a direct influence on the levels of violent crime and disorder and we aim to tackle the problem through early intervention”.

The event begins at 8pm and officers will be supported by staff from other agencies including The Terrence Higgins Trust, EMAS and Addaction.

Potential trouble makers will be identified at an early stage and may be dealt with by use of section 27 notices, which give police the power to direct individuals to leave the area, helping law-abiding revellers enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment.

The Street Pastors Scheme, which has been successfully established in other parts of Lincolnshire and the UK for a number of years, will involve the presence of a team of volunteers whose role is to assist vulnerable people.

Sgt Harrison said, “Street Pastors provide an invaluable supporting role, whether that be assisting those who are the worse for wear in getting a taxi home, phoning a relative for them, or providing a pair of flip-flops for someone struggling to walk in their high heels. On occasions, a listening ear may be all that is required.

“Safe Zone events are initiatives that have been held in other Lincolnshire towns for a number if years and have always been well-received by party-goers.

“It is not about spoiling anyone’s fun. On the contrary, this form of preventative policing and multi-agency education, combining a highly visible presence with plain clothes activity, ensures our streets are safe for everyone”.