Police reinforce child safety message following Chapel St Leonard’s ‘incidents’

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Police were informed of an apparently suspicious incident that happened at approximateley 9.15am on Wednesday, March, 25, involving a 10 year-old girl walking to school in Chapel St Leonards.

As the schoolgirl walked along St Leonards Drive, a car pulled up alongside.

The occupants were a female driver with a small child and the woman asked the girl if she needed a lift to school.

Not recognising the driver, the girl sensibly ran away and told someone about the incident.

Officers were able to trace the vehicle and establish that the incident involved a well-meaning distant neighbour and that the circumstances were entirely innocent.

However, it was a good opportunity for the school to reinforce ‘stranger danger’ messages and a letter was sent home to parents.

As a result of rumour on social media about the incident, police later received a hoax call from two young boys who had heard about it on Facebook and decided to say as a joke that someone had tried to entice them into a car.

They have been warned about the very serious consequences of making such hoax allegations.

If you are a parent and would like some tips on talking to your children about staying safe whilst out and about, you can visit the Child Alert website: www.childalert.co.uk the message comes as an update to the initiial incident number, 108 of March 25.