Police issue Christmas crime advice

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Christmas is a busy time of the year for everyone, including the criminal.

However, a high percentage of crime is opportunist in nature and so this Christmas police are seeking your assistance in preventing this type of crime.

Police advise to read the following information and do not let the criminal enjoy Christmas at your expense.

Your Car:

- Presents left in full view: Keep presents out of sight - if they can be seen they can be stolen

- Sat Nav’s and laptops: These items are currently high on the car thieves shopping list. When you leave your car take them with you.

- Car left unlocked: Always close windows, never leave keys in the ignition, engage steering lock and alarm and lock all doors

- Parking: Park in well lit locations or in an attended car park. Or look for the ‘Park Mark’ award logo, for a safe parking environment.

Your House:

- Doors and windows not secured: Ensure all doors and windows are locked

- Gifts displayed under the tree: Ensure all gifts are kept out of view

- Car keys and handbags conveniently placed: Never leave car keys or handbags downstairs at night - take them to bed with you

- The unoccupied look - going on holiday?

- Consider using timers to operate lights or radios, cancel milk and papers, ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your house.

If you belong to a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme inform your co-ordinator.

Opening your door to strangers:

- Before you open your door to strangers, use a door chain, not sure who it is? Don’t open the door.

Your Property

- Unmarked Property: Mark your property using an ultra violet pen, with your postcode and house number or name.

- Bicycles not secured: Lock all bicycles and make a record of the serial number and a basic description of the cycle and

Consider registering online with security sites such as Immobilise

Cash - Do not carry large amounts of cash or leave it in your house, thieves know where to look.

- Cheque book and card left unattended: Never leave your cheque book and card together, keep your pin number confidential and

don’t write your pin number down on a piece of paper or make a note in your diary as thieves know where to look.

If you would like any further advice about setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, contact the Neighbourhood Watch Administrator on 01522 558399.