Police in warning to motorists over thefts of defrosting cars

Police have urged motorists not to leave their car unattended while defrosting it - after the first opportunity thefts of the winter.

“Every year we experience a number of thefts as people leave their cars running to de-frost them in the morning,” said a spokesperson.

“When they go into their homes to keep warm, opportunistic thieves, who do prowl residential areas on the lookout for this, get in and steal them.

They added that leaving cars unattended with the engine running, or “quitting” a vehicle, is also a criminal offence.

The appeal was issued after the first incicdent of the winter - when a white Nissan saloon was stolen in Lincoln. It was found crashed on the A1, at the junction of Rutland Road, a short time later. The car was badly damaged.