Police in anti-social snowball warning as snow falls in Lincolnshire

A snowy Jolly Fisherman this morning (Monday).
A snowy Jolly Fisherman this morning (Monday).

Police in and around Skegness have urged the public to behave responsibly when out enjoying the snow.

As the snow settles along the East Coast, the Skegness Neighbourhood Policing Team is offering friendly advice to young people about having fun without getting into trouble.

Reported calls about anti-social behaviour tend to rise during snowy periods, increasing pressure on control room staff who take the calls and officers who are sent to respond.

PCSO Dave Bunker said: “The snow can be great fun and young people will be keen to get outside and enjoy it.

“All we ask is that you behave responsibly and don’t throw snowballs at people who haven’t invited you to do so, moving vehicles, or other people’s homes and property”.

Residents are also asked to ensure that there is genuine anti-social behaviour taking place before they contact police to report young people throwing snowballs.