Police hoping to identify man suffering from ‘dissociative fugue’ amnesia

The mystery man.
The mystery man.

Lincolnshire Police have appealed for help in identifying a man who may be suffering from memory loss as a result of a ‘dissociative fugue’.

He first came to the attention of the police in the Cleethorpes area back in September after it became apparent he might have been sleeping rough.

The mystery man.

The mystery man.

Since that time police have been trying to identify him - although they are keen to stress that he is not wanted for any criminal offences and has not been begging on the streets.

They believe that his accent may connect him to the Yorkshire or Lincolnshire areas.

“In around September a man was brought to the attention of police in North East Lincolnshire who appeared to be sleeping rough in the Cleethorpes area,” said a spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police.

“Since that time police and a number of agencies have been working to try to establish the identity of this man. However this has proved unsuccessful.

“The man, who has been fully co-operative with the police and the other agencies, gave his name as David Thorpe, or a first name of Tony, and his date of birth as 5th October 1955.

“A thorough search of both police and NHS systems cannot find a man with those details. He states he thought he was from the Rotherham area, but was not sure and he could have connections in Blackpool.

“The man has advised police that he suffers from a disorder called dissociative fugue. This is often connected to some form of traumatic experience and can cause loss of memory.

“The man is well spoken and has a northern accent - which could be from either the Yorkshire or Lincolnshire area. He is not a person who sits begging on the street and he is not wanted for any criminal offences.

Humberside Police’s DCI Paul Welton added: “This is very rare case in which a man has come to the area having no idea who he is and if he has any family.

“We have not been able to establish how he came to be in North East Lincolnshire but we are doing all we can to help him find his family and friends.

“The man is no longer sleeping rough and is being supported by the police and a number of agencies. He does not drink alcohol and does not take any form of drugs or medication.

“This is a genuine case of somebody who really does need the help of the public to return him home to his family and friends.

“Anyone who may think they can help this man find out who he is should call Humberside Police as a matter of urgency. We want to do all we can to help him but we can’t do that if no-one comes forward to tell us who he is.”

If you think you can help identify this man then please call Humberside Police on tel. 101 and quote log number 314 of January 24.

If calling from the Lincolnshire Police area call 101 and press the option to be transferred to Humberside Police.