Police apologise over blunder

POLICE have apologised to two Skegness nightclubs and have paid £1,000 in compensation after they wrongly forced the businesses to close early when British Summer Time began.

Lincolnshire Police have made a formal apology to the venues and have awarded them a gesture of £500 each for the licensing blunder.

The LA Café and Grand Central are normally open until 4am.

But on the night that the clocks go forward their licences allow them to stay open an hour longer to compensate for the earnings they would otherwise lose in the swtich from GMT to British Summer Time.

However, Lincolnshire Police officers this year insisted that both venues close their doors an hour early.

Both venues did as they were told but subsequently asked Kurnia Licensing Consultants to lodge formal complaints.

In a reply to Kurnia Licensing Consultants Lincolnshire Police stated: “We are exploring other ways of making sure this does not happen again in the future.”

In response to the apology and gesture, Taj Bola, who operates the LA Café venue, said: “I appreciate that from time to time, police officers do make mistakes and I am pleased to see that the complaints procedure has delivered a speedy and just result.

“I personally believe that officers do an excellent job on the whole and the good work they do is very often understated.”

Michael Kheng, director of Kurnia Licensing Consultants said: “I am satisfied with the outcome of this matter.

“Again it clearly shows that the police are sometimes wrong and when they are they should be challenged.

“Too often we see operators taking what the police say as being right when in this case this clearly was not the case.”