Police and car clubs plan for official rallies

Memorial event to Josh Booth in Tower Espanade car park, Skegness.
Memorial event to Josh Booth in Tower Espanade car park, Skegness.

A senior police officer is working with motor enthusiasts to hold official rallies in Skegness.

The town is a popular destination for the groups of ‘boy racers,’ but now Insp Andy Morrice is spearheading an attempt to arrange organised meets.

Unofficial car cruise events regularly take place in the town, attracting participants from across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.

However, police are working with the car clubs to manage the gatherings and reduce complaints from the public about dangerous driving, loud music and exhaust noise.

Officers set up speed cameras on Wainfleet Road, Burgh Road and Lincoln Road during a recent rally and the B&Q car park in Wainfleet Road is now locked overnight after complaints it was being used for gatherings. About 400 cars were involved in the most recent unofficial rally, Insp Morrice said.

“The car cruises are currently being organised on an ad hoc basis, sometimes via a website. So effectively anyone can post on it, at a moment’s notice to organise an event,” he said. “We typically have five to-six of these events per year, but the number can vary dependent on the whims of the local car clubs.”

He added: “I have suggested that an official event is held with these clubs, so that we can put controls in place, but also so that the town can make money from the event.”

An official rally was organised in Skegness last year in tribute to Josh Booth who died, aged 22, when his car crashed at Fodder Dyke Bank, New Leake.

Insp Morrice revealed a potential sponsor was working with car clubs to organise the rallies.

He said: “The local car clubs are really excited about the prospect.

“They see it as real kudos for themselves, to have a big event that they were jointly responsible for organising.”