Points and fine after East Kirkby road collision

A STICKNEY woman failed to negotiate a bend at East Kirkby and collided with an electricity transformer, magistrates at Skegness have been told.

Karen May, 39, of West Fen Lane, admitted careless driving and not having an MOT test certificate on July 31.

The case proceeded in her absence due to her illness.

It was said Ms May lost control of her Peugeot car on a bend in Fen Road at about 6pm and her car hit a lamp post, a wooden fence belonging to Manor Care Centre and finally hit an electricity transformer.

She was injured and taken to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital from where she discharged herself.

When seen by the police, she said she could remember ‘very little’ of the accident.

Her MOT certificate was said to have expired four days before the accident.

In mitigation, Mr Gary Farmer said she had been to see friends at lunchtime and had had two small beers, after which she went for a long walk.

He said as she went through the bend at East Kirby, she felt the car veer off to the left.

He said she tried to control it but couldn’t, and could not explain why she lost control. She thought there may have been something wrong with the car, which might have been found had she not missed the fact that her MOT test had been due four days before.

The magistrates fined Ms May £35 for careless driving and four points were put on her licence. She was also ordered to pay £43 in court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

There was no separate penalty given for her test certificate offence.