Pet ‘poisoning’ fears for resident

Margaret McLoughlin pictured with poodles; Edward, Sophie and Polly.
Margaret McLoughlin pictured with poodles; Edward, Sophie and Polly.

A warning has been issued to dog walkers after a woman fears her beloved pet poodle was ‘poisoned’ near the beach.

Margaret Mcloughlin of Chapel St Leonards, was out with Edward enjoying the usual route between Chapel Point and Skegness beach and everything seemed fine until the evening when he became unwell.

“I rushed Edward to the vets on a Saturday via an emergency appointment after he had chronic diarrhoea and then there was pouring blood,” said Margaret.

“Luckily the vet managed to stop the blood but I nearly lost him, and the vet told me after that they believed it to be suspected poisoning,” Margaret added.

Thirteen-year-old Edward survived his ordeal approximately two-weeks-ago but is still recovering.

However, Skegness resident, Hollie Roberts’ burlington sheepdog Dixie, was not so lucky and sadly died from ‘poisoning’ on January 16.

“We had been walking around Tower Gardens on that day but I used to take him out about five-times-a-day, so couldn’t be sure when it actually happened,” said Hollie.

Margaret says, she has heard fellow dog walkers in the area discussing the possibility of contaminated food being put down to deter rats and foxes.

“I worry about the holidaymakers who may not be aware. The rumour has been circulating among dog walkers as a general consensus for years and you hear some say, ‘yes that happened to my dog last year’.” added Margaret.

And Hollie says she has heard all sorts of rumours: “I’ve heard all sorts of things and I can’t be sure where Dixie picked the poison up,”

“If I found out there was someone going around putting poison down I’d want to rip their head off, it makes my blood boil - I’ve lost my baby.”

Now Margaret, who has three poodles, wants to urge all dog walkers to be vigilant She said: “I’m not sure where the ‘poison’ might be but I think all should be aware and looking out for signs.”