Parents assured of pupils’ ongoing safety following ‘gun scare’ at Winthorpe school

Police on the scene at Spirewic Avenue, Skegness.
Police on the scene at Spirewic Avenue, Skegness.

Parents have been assured of their children’s ongoing safety following a gun scare at a primary school earlier this week.

Seathorne Primary School held a meeting yesterday with parents, police and housing officers to address the concerns raised when a woman allegedly fired pellets at pupils from a neighbouring property on Wednesday.

“The idea was for the parents to be reassured that it was an isolated incident and that the school had taken all the appropriate action,” said head teacher Mandy Cherry.

A number of parents had complained that the school did not inform them of the situation, which they only learned about from their child later that day.

Mrs Cherry has explained that alerting parents prematurely during a ‘live incident’ could have compromised the pupils’ safety.

“It was a live incident right up until 10 minutes before the children left,” she said.

“We had armed response officers in the school and it could have compromised the pupils’ safety and probably triggered further anger if the parents had been unable to collect their children on time.”

A 34-year-old Wainfleet woman was arrested following the incident and later released on police bail until September 12.

Police searching the neighbouring property failed to unearth any weapon, imitation or otherwise, although the children who claimed to have seen a BB gun were interviewed further.

Several parents feared there were wider problems concerning the property on Spirewic Avenue and suggested they would not be sending their child to school until those issues had been resolved.

And New Linx Housing Trust, which owns the property has made assurances it will be taking appropriate action to resolve the concerns.

“We appreciate that the incident that took place is very distressing for everyone involved, and is currently being investigated by the police,” said Marion Duffy, director of communities and neighbourhoods.

“We would like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone involved that we will work with local residents, the police and other partner organisations, to make sure that this is effectively resolved and appropriate action taken.”

Mrs Cherry also said New Linx officers were outside the school distributing report cards for residents to raise any further concerns.

PCSOs will also be hosting a police surgery in the school car park on Wednesday between 6pm and 8pm.

“The police have been great,” said Mrs Cherry, who also praised the wider community for ‘pulling together’ and supporting one another.