OAP, 75, stabbed and left for dead, court hears

A 75-year-old pensioner was stabbed in the chest and left for dead after being attacked by intruders in his warden controlled bungalow, a jury at Lincoln Crown Court was told yesterday.

Winford Falconer, who lived a reclusive life in his bungalow at Alexandra Court, Skegness, was allegedly targeted because people thought he kept cash at his home.

Gordon Aspden, prosecuting, told the jury that Mr Falconer had previously been targeted by burglars and was seen as a “soft target”.

Michael Hurst and Aaron Hawkesford are alleged to have smashed the back door of his home before forcing their way in.

The jury was told that the the pensioner tried to ward them off with an eight-inch bladed knife he kept by his bedside but was overpowered.

Mr Aspden said “The defendants attacked him and quickly overpowered him. They took the knife off him so that he was defenceless.

“Then Hurst took the knife and stabbed him in the front of the chest with it. Mr Falconer collapsed. Hurst stabbed Mr Falconer intending to kill him. Hawkesford participated in the joint attack foreseeing what his accomplice might do. They were in it together.

“Once Mr Falconer’s resistance had been snuffed out they set about stealing his property. They took his money and a small amount of cannabis. They also took the rings that may have been on his fingers.

“They showed they were prepared to steal anything worth having by whatever means were necessary.

“They went out through the kitchen window leaving Mr Falconer behind. They abandoned him where he lay. To all intents and purposes they left him for dead.”

Mr Aspden said that the 75 year old lay injured for almost 24 hours before the emergency services were called.

A relief warden who checked on him the following morning believed he was simply sleeping off a hangover and it was only when his friend Gareth Roberts went to check on him that evening that the alarm was raised.

He discovered Mr Falconer had been assaulted and after lifting him up discovered the blood stained knife underneath his body.

Mr Falconer was taken to hospital where hew was found to have stab wound to the chest and a collapsed lung. He was later transferred to the Nottingham City Hospital for further treatment .

The jury was told that he is still not well enough to give evidence in court.

Hurst was arrested later but chose to remain silent during questioning.

Hawkesford handed himself in. He denied he was involved in the robbery.

Hurst, 21, of Wainfleet Road, Skegness; and Hawkesford, 22, of Lincoln Road, Skegness, each deny the attempted murder of Mr Falconer on 13 October 2011. Hurst admits robbery. Hawkesford denies robbery.

The trial continues.