Nuisance neighbour in Saleby near Alford given restraining order

A nuisance neighbour whose ‘bizarre’ actions against the residents next door made their lives a misery has been given a two year restraining order.

Barbara Gail Temple, 56, made strange noises, comments and hand gestures towards her neighbours Carl and Julie Humberstone, when at home in Saleby near Alford and around town.

Alford Neighbourhood Poling Team’s PC Jeffrey Wayte said: “Some of Temple’s actions were so bizarre as to be comical when looked at in isolation, but the key to success in this case was identifying the impact it was having on the family and recognising them as victims.”

The Humberstones ‘diligently’ updated the police with developments, helping officers to take action against their neighbour.

Temple failed to engage in mediation or follow a police information notice and was brought before Skegness Magistrate Court on January 24 when she admitted the harassment offence.

PC Wayte continued: “The police take all forms of harassment seriously but we knew from the outset there would be no quick fix due to legislation.

“The offender was given the opportunity to mend their was and to engage with police but did not and has now faced the full force of the judicial system with a restraining order given through the court.

“All people have a right to live in peace and tranquillity.

“This was all low level harassment but was criminal activity and was dealt with as such right from the beginning.”