New needle disposal scheme launched

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A scheme has been launched to keep Skegness free from discarded drug needles by providing a safe means for their disposal.

Skegness Crime Prevention Panel has teamed up with Boots the chemist, drug addiction charities and health professionals to launch the new service.

The panel’s security advisor Robin Cram said: “Although Skegness does not have a large problem of drug abuse, it does happen, and we want work pro-actively and keep our people and visitors safe.

“Everyone who has been introduced to the scheme is very pleased with it and Skegness Crime Prevention Panel would like to thank all of those that have made it possible.”

Through the scheme Boots on Lumley Road and Chruchill Avenue in Skegness now provide free ‘sharps boxes’ donated by Addaction and will arrange for their disposal.

Mr Cram and the panel felt there was a need for better disposal services after a local landlord explained to them the difficulties he faced trying to remove syringes he discovered in one of his rented premises after evicting the former tenant.

The landlord was unable to legally dispose of the needles through any of the organisations or authorities he had contacted and so the panel felt compelled to launch this scheme to remedy that.

In partnership with Boots the chemist, drug addiction charities Addaction and Oasis and with the support of East Midlands Ambulance Service, the panel have now produced a leaflet advising people of how to deal with any drug needles they might find.

For more information on the scheme contact Boots on 01754 765615 or 01754 763293.

And for more information about drug addiction contact Addaction Lincolnshire on 0808 1311113 or Oasis on 07900 013041.