Neighbourhood Policing Team in Winthorpe teen crackdown

NUMEROUS complaints have been made regarding the conduct of youngsters in the Winthorpe area, police claim.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team has received a number of complaints from residents and local businesses on a regular basis.

“There have been complaints of youths trespassing, causing damage and being abusive to staff and residents on the Dainville Caravan Site, with young people taking items from a milkman’s float within the Winthorpe Area, especially North Foreland Drive, and not attempting to pay for the items,” said a spokesperson. “An issue that also continues to be raised by residents is young people playing football and causing damage to properties on Lady Matilda’s Drive and De-Lacey Avenue.

“This particular issue has been dealt with on a number of occasions by the Neighbourhood Policing Team and the number of complaints had reduced dramatically, although further calls have been received recently and this issue does appear to have escalated again,” they added.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team is aware of the young people that are continually choosing to take part in such activities and say they ‘will not’ tolerate such behaviour.

“Evidence is being gathered in relation to these offences and any young persons that are involved can expect robust action and a zero tolerance approach,” they explained.

Police are asking parents to be vigilant about where their children are going and who they may be associating with.

To report an incident call the force control room on 101.

To speak with a member of the Neighbourhood Policing Team call PCSO Claire Scott on 07825 100405 or PCSO Katie Taylor on 079399 88939.

You can also email or