MURDER VERDICT - “Justice has been done”, says victim’s parents

THE parents of murder victim David Twigg said that “justice had been done” after Judge Michael Heath today ruled that Dixon had told the court a a ‘pack of lies’.

Janice and Roy Twigg had been present throughout the Newton Hearing into their’s son’s death.

In a statement after the judge’s verdict was announced, they said: “This has been a very emotional and difficult nine months for us.

“We have lost our only son David at the hands of someone we have loved and treated as a daughter.

“David was a kind, decent, hard working man who took great pride in that work and the service he provided to people.

“The police have told us that in all of the investigations they have carried out everyone has told them the same, and no one had a bad word for him.

“The loss of David is more than we can bear and we both have a massive hole in our world which we will never be able to fill.

“Whilst we did not see David every day we were always there for one another and knew we could always call on David and he could turn to us.

“We do not want to comment on our thoughts about Julie Dixon who has finally admitted to murdering our wonderful son but have to say we are happy to see justice finally done and will leave her with her own thoughts.”