MURDER VERDICT - Judge tells Dixon her tale was a ‘pack of lies’

A WOMAN who locked her businessman fiance in a cupboard at his burning workshop was today (Friday) branded a cold-blooded murderer after a judge described her story of an assisted suicide as a “pack of lies.”

Julie Dixon, 43, confessed to the murder of her long term partner David Twigg but told a hearing at Lincoln Crown Court that he had asked to die and she simply went along with his wishes.

Dixon claimed that Mr Twigg, who ran his own joinery business in a converted railway station next to the couple’s bungalow in Burgh le Marsh, near Skegness, could not face the shame of being made bankrupt and decided he had had enough.

But prosecutor Gordon Aspden said that divorcee Dixon wanted to finish with Mr Twigg, her partner of 15 years, and start a new life for herself.

Mr Aspden said Dixon murdered Mr Twigg for financial reasons having concealed details of his bankruptcy from him as well as the fact that a warrant was out for his arrest for not co-operating with the official receiver.

Dixon, of Station Yard, Burgh le Marsh, Lincs, admitted murder on 13 March this year but disputed the circumstances.

At the conclusion of a hearing conducted without a jury Judge Michael Heath ruled against her.

The Judge said “I am sure that this was not an assisted suicide. I am sure that this was a pre-meditated killing. David Twigg did not want to die.

“I am sure that Julie Dixon’s account as to how she came to kill David Twigg is untrue. Indeed I am sure that it was a pack of lies.”

Dixon, who now faces life imprisonment, repeatedly broke down in tears during the hearing but showed no reaction when the judge delivered his verdict.

She was remanded in custody and will be sentenced in the New Year.

Mr Twigg died after Dixon locked him in a storeroom at his workshop adjoining their home. She then set light to petrol and the smoke and fumes spread under the storeroom door ultimately killing Mr Twigg who was found in a “prayer type position” by friefighters.

Dixon told the emergency services that the couple had been attacked by burglars and was initially treated as a victim.

It was only later when police, having no evidence to support her version, arrested her for murder.

Dixon then claimed her fiance died in a suicide pact and she chickened out at the last minute, but in court changed her story again and said his death was assisted suicide.

She admitted from the witness box that she misled police during the investigation and confessed to repeatedly lying about what happened.