Murder accused ‘used ice axe’ to kill rival

A SKEGNESS man murdered a love rival with a “fiercesome” looking ice axe after goading him into a fight, a jury was told.

Jamie Rawson, 22, is alleged to have struck Peter Schruyers three times with the mountaineering tool after waiting for him to arrive at a friend’s flat in Wainfleet Road, Skegness.

Mr Schruyers, 31, never regained conciousness after one of the blows went though his skull, it is claimed, and died five days later at a hospital in Nottingham.

A murder trial jury at Lincoln Crown Court heard a “bitter feud” had broken out between the two men over their relationships with Schruyers’ on-off girlfriend, Chanel Dean-Pollard, and other women known to both of them.

Gorden Aspden, prosecuting, said both men had done the “dirty” on each other, and Schruyers suspected Rawson was working his way through his ex-girlfriends.

Mr Aspden told the jury: “Their sexual jealousy and rivalry had by now a corrosive and poisonous effect, something had to give. It was to culminate in murder and Mr Schruyers violent death.”

After a series of three angry phonecalls between the two men it is alleged Schruyers armed himself with a rounders bat and was given a lift to the flat where Rawson was visiting, accompained by his friend, Stuart Kemp, who was also armed with a knuckle-duster.

Mr Aspden said after failing to find Rawson downstairs they walked up to the first floor flat in Wainfleet Road where Rawson was waiting, having held the ice axe in his hand during his phone conversations with Schruyers.

“As they tried to force their way in the front door suddenly swung open,” Mr Aspden told the court. “Jamie Rawson was stood there.

“Momentarily it must have dawned on Mr Schruyers that he had been ambushed.

“Jamie Rawson drew back the axe and hit Mr Schruyers with it. There were three blows, one to the back of Mr Schruyers’ left shoulder, one to the back of his left forearm and one at the back of the right side of his head.

“The spike on the axe smashed through the skull and penetrated into Mr Schruyers’ brain.”

Mr Aspden explained to the jury: “As I understand it, it is used for mountaineers to get a grip in ice.”

A home ofice pathologist later concluded Mr Schruyers had died from a blow to his head of between moderate and severe force.

It is alleged Rawson fled through a bathroom window and dropped the axe in a neighbouring rear garden. He walked into a police station in Nottingham the following day but declined to comment on the incident during interview.

Rawson, of no fixed address, denies a charge of murder after Mr Schruyers died on 15 August, last year.

The prosecution allege there was no question that Rawson acted in self-defence.

Mr Aspden added: “Jamie Rawson wanted trouble, he wanted violence and he wanted to inflict serious injury on Mr Schruyers.

“During the three telephone calls he goaded Mr Schruyers into this fight which he wanted, he told Mr Schruyers where he was and where to come and find him.

“When Mr Schruyers took the bait he was ready and waiting for him. He was armed with this fiercesome weapon and used it with quite deadly effect.”

Kemp, 26, also left the scene and was arrested at Mr Schruyers’ flat in Sea View Road, Skegness. He is on trial alongside Rawson and denies two charges of affray and possessing an offensive weapon after going to the flat on 10 August, last year.

The trial which is expected to last six days continues.