Motorist drove at 70 mph to escape from police

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Court crest

An unqualified motorist who drove at 70 mph in a bid to evade pursuing police officers was yesterday (Tuesday) jailed at Lincoln Crown Court.

Sebastian White, who was not insured and only held a provisional licence, ignored an attempt by police to stop him on Golf Road in Mablethorpe and instead sped away.

Phil Gibbs, prosecuting, said “He drove off at speed across a busy junction where he had limited view of other traffic. He neither slowed down nor stopped.

“He continued onto Church Lane at speed nearly losing control on a bend and he was going so fact that the police lost sight of him.

“The vehicle was found unattended on a caravan site. The defendant subsequently reported that the car had been stolen in an overnight burglary but swiftly withdrew that allegation.”

Mr Gibbs said that White drove at 70 mph on Church Lane and 60 mph on Golf Road. He told the court that both roads had a 40 mph limit.

White was arrested later and in a police interview he admitted that the car was his and that he was not insured.

White,22, of Grosvenor Road, Skegness, pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving, driving otherwise in accordance with his licence and having no insurance as a result of the incident on 22 April.

He was jailed for five months, banned from driving for a year and ordered to pass a re-test before being allowed his licence back. White was also ordered to pay a £900 criminal costs order.

Barry Culshaw, defending, said White had previously been involved in two serious motorcycle accidents in which he was badly injured and he has since suffered from depression and anxiety.

He said White has hopes of obtaining work within the next few weeks and urged he be given a suspended jail sentence rather than immediate custody.

But Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence, told White “I would have thought that you, perhaps more than anybody else, would have been aware of the dangers of driving dangerously given that you have been involved in two previous road traffic accidents in which you were severely injured.

“I am not persuaded that the way to deal with you is by way of a suspended prison sentence.”