Mass of jewellery stolen in Chapel St Leonards burglary

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

Police are appealing for information about a burglary in Chapel St Leonards.

The burglary was committed overnight between Tuesday, April 8 and Wednesday, April 9 at a property in Church Lane in the village.

Entry was gained via a door at the rear and a large amount of jewellery was stolen.

Some of the jewellery is quite distinctive.

A full list of the items is published below and DC Emily Wooll-Rivers is asking anyone who has been offered similar jewellery for sale, or who has any information that may help, to contact her on

The male jewellery stolen:

Pair of gold sovereign cufflinks

Opal ring with mono metal

Gold tie pin

Silver coloured pocket watch in a cream box

Silver medal with a runner carved on it. – presented during WWII when stationed at Gibraltar for coming second in a race up the rock.

Silver watch chain with a silver medallion – in a cream spectacle box

Round tie pin

Opal ring in an oval brown leather small box.

The female jewellery stolen:

Three carat solitaire diamond ring with small diamonds each side of shaft – gold.

White gold omega ladies cocktail watch with 18 small diamonds around the face.

Oval diamond and black sapphire ring - white gold square shaped shaft

Cluster of 3 shape diamond & ruby ring on gold haft

Old wartime WWII engagement ring

Three small diamonds in a row – twisted shape

Two gold wedding rings

Diamond keeper ring (row of diamonds on flat front of gold shaft)

Pair of gold wedding ring earrings

Pair of solitaire diamond stud earrings

Diamond solitaire pendant to wear on a chain

Gold chains

Gold cross

Gold pendant

Marquess Bracelet

Emerald earrings

Purple and silver two piece pendant broach

Pearl earrings

Pair of four diamonds drop earrings

Gold jagged edge broach

Silver flower broach

Various gold earrings

Gold earrings and broach with a lady on

Gold bracelet with locket

Gold bracelet with sovereigns

Gold watch

Chain with virgo birth sign

Oblong charm with flowers on

Silver chain and silver broach with a painting on ivory from Sistine chapel, Italy.

Solid gold $5 coin on a thick chain.

Ruby ring on gold with seven to eight small rubies

YSL white box containing a drop broach in a large diamond shape with pearls around the edge

Gold oval broach with a painting in the centre of a lady with two small diamonds in it. Painting on ivory from Sistine Chapel, Italy.

Two gold Queen mother coins size of sovereigns with Queen mothers head on each side.

Collection of various coins – Princess Diana, Winston Churchill.

Thick charm bracelet with charms on gold gate bracelet with locket

Ring with six to seven different coloured stones around in a cluster

Various gold and silver earrings

Gold rings criss crossed on band

Farthing dipped in lilac coating to put on a chain.

Gold oval shaped broach with two sticks across diagonal

Square Spanish charm bracelet – following charms: St Christopher, compass with I love you, kettle, Ship, Spanish, Horse,

horse shoe, Scottish man (coloured clothes), handbag

Mosquito fly broach with coloured stones

A gold coin – Queen Mother’s head on each side – young on one and old on the other, sovereign size to put on a bracelet.

Ivory and gold bangle

Gold cross

Gold oval box with lift up coloured stone lid.