Man with sexual fetish for women’s feet sentenced

Court news.
Court news.

An 81-year-old Skegness man, with a sexual fetish for women’s feet and footwear, has been sentenced.

Prosecuting, Paul Wood said that on three occasions Ronald George, of Beresford Avenue, had sexually assaulted women in Skegness.

One woman was assaulted twice.

He said that George had convictions for similar offences in the 1950s but had not appeared before a court since then.

Mr Wood said that on August 31 last year George tapped on a woman’s shoulder and told her she had dog mess on her shoe and before she realised what was happening he had gone down on his knees, taken her shoe off and was fondling her foot and trying to look up her skirt.

He said that on November 15, he tried the same thing again with the same woman and was rubbing the outside of her calf-length boots before he ran off when her husband came up.

The woman later saw him at the Hildred Centre and she took a photograph of him.

She also saw him trying the same tactic with another woman and she went over and pulled him away, at which he apologised and went off.

Mr Wood said the woman had felt upset and vulnerable as it seemed as if she was being targeted.

Another victim said the same thing happened to her when he lifted up her booted foot and, when she walked off, he followed her.

She later saw an entry on Facebook appealing for witnesses and contacted the police.

Mitigating for George, Gordon Holt said that he had been taken to a doctor at the age of 10 because he was already taking an interest in footwear but it became a problem when he was in his 20s and he was sent to prison.

Mr Holt said that George had not gone out since Christmas as his wife had threatened she would leave him if he did it again.

He added that George, who pleaded guilty to the three counts, was being treated by his doctor.

Sentencing him to a three year community order and a requirement to attend a sex offender’s programme, District Judge John Stobart, sitting at Skegness Magistrates’ Court, said it was a ‘somewhat unusual case’ but that it was a long time since his previous convictions.

Yesterday (Tuesday) he also issued a restraining order forbidding George from touching or attempting to touch any woman’s foot or footwear in a public place, apart from his wife.

Awarding a total of £45 compensation to the two women involved, he also thanked the victim who followed George and ‘bravely photographed him and went to the police before other women were also upset’.