Man hit 70mph in police chase in Skegness area

Forster hit speeds of 50mph shortly after being chased down Lumley Road, Skegness (pictured).
Forster hit speeds of 50mph shortly after being chased down Lumley Road, Skegness (pictured).

A man who drove through Skegness at speeds of up to 70mph whilst being pursued by a police car, admitted dangerous driving when he appeared before magistrates in the town.

Adam James William Forster, 21, of Bursar Way, Nottingham was one of three men seen by security staff on a caravan site in the town at 6.15am on July 14 to get into a Volkswagen Bora car and reverse it into a security van on the site and then drive off at speed.

Police were informed and an officer saw the car on the A52 Roman Bank and then drive at speed down Lumley Road.

The police car caught up with it but the Volkswagen did a U turn and accelerated towards the Lumley Hotel at around 50mph in a 30mph limited area.

The car then went through traffic lights on red and towards Wainfleet, still followed by the police car.

The driver overtook two vehicles near the S bends at speeds up to 70mph before the car was eventually stopped by the police and Forster was found to be the driver.

Although he gave a positive breath test at the scene, the reading at the police station showed him to be on the legal limit of 35.

After the magistrates had read a report from the Probation Service, Saleem Khan, mitigating for Forster, said that his behaviour on that day had been totally out of character and unlikely to be repeated.

He said Forster had never been in trouble before, had a good work record and had learnt his lesson.

The magistrates imposed a 12 month community order with supervision and 15 days of activity with a probation officer.

He was also disqualified from driving for 12 months and ordered to take an extended driving test.

He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £60.