Man harassed his ex at Chapel caravan site

A 52-year-old man harassed a woman he had been in a relationship with, Skegness Magistrates Court has heard.

Craig Andre Ball of Tinsley, Sheffield, admitted harassing his former partner between July 9 and September 7 last year.

It was said that the two formed a relationship when his ex was working at Linwood Caravan Park at Chapel St Leonards and Ball owned a caravan there. The relationship ended in April 2011 but he subsequently harassed her and her employer which resulted in a police warning in July 2012.

He made further calls to the site and eventually was given notice to quit and he sold his caravan there in August.

However, he still made unnecessary calls to the site’s owner and to his former partner.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said that on September 7, she was awoken by her security light coming on outside and she later found a note on her car windscreen from Ball which read: “Bear was here.”

‘Bear’ was her nickname for him.

He was also seen in the road by a neighbour and Ball’s ex saw Ball on her CCTV recording outside her house at around 11pm, taking photos of her car and walking to her front door.

She also received a letter from him which left her feeling vulnerable and frightened.

Mitigating on his behalf, Dave Clapham said it was Ball’s first time in court and he was ‘ashamed’ at being there.

The case was adjourned until February 1 to obtain a report from the Probation Service. Conditional bail was granted.