Man from Toynton St Peters on sex offenders' register breached conditions

News from the courts
News from the courts

A 52 year-old man on the Sex Offenders' Register (SOR), even though he doesn't have a single criminal conviction, has been ordered to undergo 15 days of rehabilitation to help him understand what he has to do to comply with the terms of the register.

Johnathon Thomas Smith of The Square, Toynton All Saints, admitted breaching the requirements of the register by not telling the police about two new bank accounts and bank cards.

Prosecuting at Boston Magistrates Court, Marie Stace said Smith was made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) in January 2017 for five years and as a result had to comply with the conditions of the SOR.

One of the conditions is that he notify the police of all new bank accounts and debit and credit cards, but he failed to tell them about new ones he had had between October 2017 and March 2019.

Mitigating, Michael Alexander said the two cards were linked to the same account and the old cards had expired and there had been no significant threat as a result of the failure by Smith.

He said the two accounts he had not told police about were accounts he had had for more than two years and had been told he didn't need to record them as he hadn't used them in that time.

“It seems to me to be a technical breach of the order,” said Mr Alexander.

“He has never been convicted of any offence and has a very limited understanding of what is required of him,” he said.

“He is very vulnerable and cannot read or write.”

The magistrates said that it was the second occasion in which he had failed to comply with the notification requirements and they imposed a community order with a requirement he attend 15 rehabilitation days, which they said would enable Probation staff to make sure he understood what he was required to do.

He was also ordered to pay £170 in court costs and charges.