Man found in Skegness with over £1,000 worth of class-A drugs jailed

JAILED: Keith Kelly
JAILED: Keith Kelly

A man who tried to supply drugs in Skegness and was found with over £1,000 worth of Cocaine and Heroin on his possession has been jailed for 36 months.

Keith Kelly, 53, of Bellevue Court, Nottingham, pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing drugs with intent to supply and was sentenced yesterday (23 August) at Lincoln Crown Court.

Detective David Ziller, Skegness CID, said: “This kind of crime has a devastating impact on communities. It continues the cycle of drug addicts being unable to reform, and also stops people enjoying trips to the seaside resort.

“With this person now away from the streets, we hope that this can be a deterrent for anyone also thinking about travelling to Skegness to distribute drugs, as they have now seen how serious the offences can be.”

Officers were alerted to a man matching Kelly’s description attempting to sell drugs in the area on 18 March 2014, after receiving significant information.

The 53-year-old was located near LIDL on Richmond Drive, and officers immediately conducted a stop and search of the suspect.

Kelly, unemployed, was found with 14.6g of cocaine on his person, and 27.4g of heroin, all with the intent to supply.

As officers conducted their stop and search, Kelly threw away a wrap, which contained a controlled drug. He was released on bail to attend court at a later date.

Police Constable Jonathan Gill, East Impact Team at Skegness, said: “Kelly was a dangerous individual who, when I tried to search him, resisted and had to be subdued with the use of Taser. This man had clear intentions to sell a large amount of drugs in Skegness and we are delighted that we managed to stop him before this happened.”