Man carried on pestering ex-partner in spite of order

News from the courts
News from the courts

A Skegness man broke a non molestation order twice within days of it being put into place, a court has heard.

Christopher Lee Hodgson, 35, of Queens Road, admitted the breaches when he appeared before magistrates at Boston.

The court was told the order not to pester his former partner Samantha Coleby, was put into place at Lincoln Family Court on March 15, but on March 22 he shouted towards her from his car in Glentworth Crescent and on April 1, he revved his car engine up to intimidate her, also in Glentworth Crescent.

Two other allegations of breaching the order and one of harassment without violence, were withdrawn by the prosecution.

Suleiman Baig, in mitigation, said Hodgson's shouting towards Ms Coleby was from his car and was in response to a shout towards him and that on April 1, it had been a chance meeting at a tip when he had 'lost his cool momentarily' and had revved up his car engine before driving away.

The magistrates told him he had ignored a court order on two occasions but that the harm and distress it had caused had been 'relatively low'.

Hodgson was given a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £105 in costs and charges, but they imposed a 12 month restraining order preventing any contact with Ms Coleby.