Man assaulted police officer following fracas in Skegness

News from the courts.
News from the courts.

A partially sighted man on holiday in Skegness, assaulted a police officer and resisted arrest by another following a fracas in a town night spot.

Thomas Sean Fenlon, 31, of Mawfa Avenue, Sheffield, admitted assault and resisting arrest as well as being drunk and disorderly, when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said the two police officers went to Busters Bar following reports of a disturbance and found Fenlon, shouting and swearing, detained on the ground by door staff.

She said the officers tried to handcuff him and turn him over but he swung his leg over and kicked one of the officers on the thigh.

She said he had to be continually restrained both in the police van and in the custody suite at the police station, refused to answer questions and continued to shout and swear and be obstructive.

Mitigating, Michelle Elvin said Fenlon had been in the area on holiday and had gone for a drink without his then partner.

She said he was visually impaired and could not see straight in front of him and when the police officers came to him he thought he was being attacked.

He was fined a total of £245 and ordered to pay compensation to the officer of £50 and costs and charges of £115.