Man admits multiple thefts from Skegness stores

Court news.
Court news.

A man has admitted to multiple thefts at Skegness Magistrates’ Court, including ladies vest tops, meat from a supermarket, and a steam cleaner and hose from B&Q.

Sam Vesty, 37, of St Bernard’s Close Louth, indicated a guilty plea when charged with stealing 10 white ladies vest tops (worth £109.90) from Select Clothing in Skegness, on June 24 this year.

Vesty also pleaded guilty to stealing a steam cleaner and hose (worth £134) from Skegness B&Q on July 18, and meat (worth £29.20) from Tesco in Skegness the following day.

Additionally, Vesty pleaded guilty to not attending Skegness Police Station on August 13, which was one of his bail conditions, and he also pleaded guilty to being in possession of a four-inch kitchen knife in Drummond Road, Skegness, without good reason, on June 24.

Vesty was re-admitted to bail, and is next due to appear at Skegness Magistrates’ Court on August 26.

Vesty also faces a separate charge of stealing £48 of shirts from Peacocks in Skegness, which he denied in court on July 13. He will appear at Skegness Magistrates’ Court to face trial on October 24.