Lincolnshire Police welcomes new anti-stalking legislation

The Home Office’s announcement of new legislation to tackle stalkers has been welcomed by Lincolnshire Police.

The move comes as statistics reveal that 14 per cent of people in the UK report being a victim of a stalker.

Nationally, some stalking victims experience up to 100 incidents before contacting the police; and up to 57 per cent don’t report the crime for fear of being laughed at or ignored.

The force said its priorities in responding to stalking and harassment are to protect the lives and preserve the safety of all victims and others who may be at risk as a result of stalking and/or harassment; investigate all reports of stalking and harassment; facilitate effective action against offenders so that they can be held accountable through the criminal justice system; adopt a proactive and, where appropriate, multi agency approach to preventing stalking and harassment.

Detective Superintendent Rick Hatton said: “We are committed to these priorities and would encourage victims of stalking and harassment to report what is happening.

“The impact of stalking and harassment on victims, families and communities can be devastating.”

Lincolnshire Police added that it will continue to work with its partners, particularly the Crown Prosecution Service and HM Courts Service, in a bid to ensure that any stalking or harassment offence is dealt with and the offender held to account.

They also said the best support available would be provided to the victim. Other support agencies who can assist victims include Victim Support, Domestic Abuse Services throughout the county, and the National Stalking Helpline.