Lincolnshire Police to support Citizens Advice Bureau in tackling scams

Residents can gain advice about how to protect themselves against local scams as Lincolnshire Police support the Citizens Advice Bureau’s (CAB) awareness month.

As part of ‘Scams Awareness Month’ the CAB will also be teaming up with Trading Standards to help educate people on the ways and means that fraudsters use to deceive individuals.

“It’s hoped that this awareness building will help residents protect themselves and their family from falling victim to scams,” said a spokesperson.

“Part of the campaign is about encouraging people to report online to Action Fraud or on 0300 123 2940 if you are the victim of a scam. Even if you have not fallen for the scam, your information could be used to close down websites and e-mail addresses, thereby preventing another person from becoming a victim,” they added.

Lincolnshire Police and the CAB offer some tips on preventing individuals becoming a victim;

l Ask for full contact details, including the street address of the company.

l Take notes of conversations, including names, dates and times.

l Read letters carefully and seek professional advice (such as an accountant or solicitor) if significant amounts of money or responsibilities are involved.

l Independently verify any claims made by a sales person, investment adviser or advertisement. In the UK, all companies must be registered with Companies House.

l Read the small print on any documentation and be sure you understand the terms and conditions.

l Take your time to make a decision and resist any urge to ‘act now’.

l Don’t provide any personal or financial information before you establish the company is legitimate.

l Don’t judge a company or sales person by how professional they or their promotional material seem.

l Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions and don’t let embarrassment or fear prevent you from reporting fraud or abuse to the appropriate authorities.

l Never pay for a ‘free’ gift. If it’s a ‘free’ gift, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

l Genuine companies will not object if you tell them you will be checking they are legitimate and will call them back later.