Lincolnshire Police in warning to landowners after 30 people attend open air ‘rave’ at Bag Enderby, 16 miles north-west of Skegness

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Police have urged landowners to take steps to prevent mass access to unauthorised gatherings after a ‘rave’ on land at Bag Enderby on Saturday night.

Lincolnshire Police attended the Bag Enderby area yesterday evening in relation to a party/rave being set up by a group of about 30 people.

Several vehicles were present.

“The group left the area peacefully around 9pm,” said a spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police’s Skegness Neighbourhood Policing Team.

“I would like to advise any landowners to be mindful that with the better weather now upon us, there may be an increase in such activity.

“Unused entrances to land should be blocked where possible to prevent unauthorised gatherings,” they added.

Should you have any queries, contact your local PCSO or contact Lincolnshire Police via 101.