Lincolnshire Police in oil thefts warning

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police
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Police in Lincolnshire have urged people who use domestic oil to ensure their supplies are properly secured.

With the dark nights upon us, there is an increased risk of oil thefts.

A police spokesperson said: “During the winter and with it getting dark much earlier, there could be an increase of domestic oil thefts from outside containers used for storage.

“Homeowners are encouraged to ensure adequate measures are taken to prevent oil being stolen by having a good lock on any caps or an anti tamper device.

“Good outside dusk-to-dawn lighting provides good visibility and deters criminal activity. Also let your neighbours know if you are going out to be aware of any persons on your property.

“If you have gates, lock them before you leave or if staying in doors for the evening,” they added.

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