Lincolnshire Police in heatwave warning over sneak in burglaries and dogs left in cars

Police in Lincolnshire have urged people to take care during the ongoing heatwave, over concerns that people are at a higher risk of sneak in burglaries through open windows.

They’ve also warned the public not to leave dogs and other animals in cars in the sweltering conditions after the RSCPA were ‘inundated’ with calls across the UK from concerned passers-by.

A spokesperson said: “We are having a tropical heat wave! Which means that sneak in burglars are also out and about enjoying the summer sun, accessing properties where owners have kindly left windows and doors open for their convenience.

“Remember if you are in the back garden, please remember that it takes only seconds for someone to enter the front of your property and remove valuables.

“Whilst we don’t suggest you close all windows, at least put them on a catch to restrict easy access.

“Don’t give them easy pickings,” they added.

The spokesperson also warned that a dog can die within a matter of minutes if left in a car in this heat - even if the vehicle isn’t in direct sunlight.

“Please do not leave your dogs in a car, even if you leave windows open, even if the sun is not directly on the vehicle, a dog can die within minutes,” they continued.

“Lincolnshire Police will remove dogs from cars at the owners cost if they are reported to us. You may also find yourself in receipt of a vet’s bill too.

“The RSPCA is currently being inundated with calls from members of the public, across their regions, and they are advising callers to contact their local police direct, so we will know immediately about any offences taking place.

“Enjoy the sun, stay safe and secure.”