Lincolnshire Police hare coursing clampdown a ‘success’

A police cracdown on hare coursing has enjoyed success in its first month, the force has revealed

Lincolnshire Police has attended numerous alleged incidents, five vehicles have been impounded, five dogs have been recovered using animal welfare laws, and leads, collars and mobile phones have been seized.

Police said word was spreading and many hare courses were avoiding the county.

“Offenders have travelled from as far as the West Midlands and North Wales to engage in this illegal activity,” said a spokesperson.

“Feedback from some of those involved is that awareness of the dedicated team of officers is spreading, with some who would have travelled here to offend now staying away from the county.

“Those who are still taking the risk appear to be settling bets outside the county rather than risk having large sums of money seized from them by the police.”

The hare coursing crackdown is known as Operation Gallileo.