Lincolnshire Police exceeds crime reduction targets

Year on year recorded crime in East Lindsey is down by almost a fifth - thanks to ‘spectacular’ work by Lincolnshire Police.

The 19.5 per cent reduction equates to 1,222 fewer crimes in the district, which falls beneath the lowest band of Lincolnshire Police’s target for the year.

Inspector Terry Ball praised his staff for dealing ‘speedily and thoroughly’ with crime when announcing the figures to Skegness Town Council last Wednesday.

He said: “We are constantly and quite significantly below that lower level month on month on month - not only are we hitting the levels we want to achieve, we are actually doing far better than that.”

A successful operation combating theft from caravans has helped result in an even more dramatic reduction in the coastal crime rate, with 178 fewer offences recorded this year.

Insp Ball said that ‘overt and covert’ initiatives had made resulted in ‘significant’ reductions to last year’s ‘massive amounts’ of caravan theft.