Joy at grave recovery

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THE heart-shaped headstone which was taken from grave in a Belleau churchyard has mysteriously been located and returned to its rightful place.

As reported in last week’s Standard, Michelle Holness of Aby was distraught when she discovered it was missing from her son Dion’s grave and said it felt like her heart had been ‘ripped out’ as a result.

Michelle said: “I am quite ecstatic and happy about its return and the community have been so sympathetic about it going missing.”

The headstone which is heart-shaped and made with a mix of marble and granite was found last Wednesday afternoon in an overgrown garden nearby to the St John The Baptist C of E churchyard.

The police put it back on the grave of Dion Frances Holness who died aged just five days in 1999, also on Wednesday.

Although it is not known how the headstone ended up being in the nearby garden, Michelle thinks the media coverage has had something to do with its immediate recovery.

She added: “Somebody put it back there, that’s what the Reverend thinks and I am happy it is in its rightful place.

“The media coverage has made an impact.”

As reported, the headstone was thought to be missing between September 9 and Thursday October 13 and its disappearance brought all the emotions of Michelle’s late son back to her.

The unusual shape of the headstone meant Michelle had to apply to the Dean of Lincoln and wait two years before it was placed on her son’s grave.

She said that the heart-shape represented her heart and it was something different.