Jail for pensioner over harassment

A PENSIONER who harassed his former partner after their 19-year relationship ended has been jailed for 18 months at Lincoln Crown Court.

David Thompson continued to visit the woman’s home in Skegness despite being under a restraining order not to contact her.

Judge Sean Morris gave him a new restraining order banning him from contacting the woman for five years.

The Judge told Thompson “You were behaving like a teenager. You have only yourself to blame for this and no-one else.”

Thompson ,69, of Longhurst House, Roman Bank, Skegness, admitted four charges of breaching a restraining order in June and July. He also admitted threatening behaviour and possession of a knife.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said Thompson confronted the woman at her home on 16 June when he was shouting and swearing at her.

A month later he was again verbally abusive to her after calling at her home.

Then on 19 July went back to the same property after he had been drinking.

Thompson produced a knife as he stood just four feet from the woman and told her “This is for you. You’re dead.”

A friend of the woman’s arrived at the scene and drove her to Skegness Police Station where she reported the incident.

But the following day Thompson returned to the property at 7.30am and pressed his faced against the window staring at the woman.

David Eager, defending, said Thompson was drinking heavily and found it hard to cope with the break down of the relationship.

Mr Eager said “His attitude has changed dramatically from when he was first arrested.

“He accepts fully that he has a drink problem and that he is fully responsible for his actions.

“He is determined not to repeat this conduct.”