Inquest told man died after overdose


A drugs overdose claimed the life of the son of Skegness dance teacher Byron Broome.

This emerged at an inquest in Spilsby on Roy Robert Broome, 50, who was found dead in his flat at Cecil Avenue in the resort on January 23 this year.

According to a post-mortem conducted by Prof Ellis, he had suffered an acute cardiac event after overdosing on amphetamines.

Mr Broome Snr, of Lincoln Road, was not present at Wednesday’s hearing, but provided a statement confirming that his son had been undergoing treatment for depression.

However, this was not the impression he generally gave because he was ‘always telling jokes’.

When he went to visit his son on the day the tragic discovery was made, he became concerned when there was no reply.

He alerted the landlord who scaled a set of ladders to look through the flat window following which he called the police.

A statement from Mr Broome’s GP, Dr H. Piyatissa of the Beacon Medical Practice, revealed that dating back to the early 1990s, his patient had had a history of depression for which he was receiving medication.

A single man, Mr Broome had previously twice been married, once to a Spanish woman who was now living with their young daughter in Tenerife.

In his summing up, the Assistant Coroner for Central Lincolnshire, Paul Smith, expressed his condolences to the family and concluded that Mr Broome’s death had been drug-related, though there had been no evidence that he had sought to take his own life.