‘Incapable of driving due to alcohol’ judge tells motorist

Court news.
Court news.

A Skegness woman got behind the wheel of a car when she was ‘totally incapable of driving through alcohol’, the town’s magistrates’ court was 

Michelle Knight, 50, of Beacon Park Drive, admitted failing to provide a 
specimen for analysis on March 28.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said that police found her in her Vauxhall Astra car, which was sideways across the road, at 7.30pm 
on the A148 Borough 

He said she was clearly suffering from excess of alcohol and was not able to provide a specimen of breath at the roadside or a 
specimen at the police station.

Mitigating, Andrea Wilkes said Knight was an alcoholic and had met friends in a pub, having left her car elsewhere and walked.

However, when she left to walk home, she passed her car and decided to 

She said Knight was a full-time carer to her 
husband and had 
been diagnosed with depression.

She said she had been referred to the alcohol treatment service DART and was also receiving acupuncture, since when she had not drunk alcohol at all.

Ms Wilkes said it was not an outright refusal to give a specimen for analysis but she had drank so 
much alcohol she was 
unable to follow the procedure.

Judge John Stobart told Knight that she had got behind the wheel of a car when she was ‘totally incapable of driving because of alcohol’.

Last Tuesday, he fined her £300, with a £30 victim surcharge and £85 costs, and disqualified her 
from driving for 30 

She was offered a driver rehabilitation course, which would reduce the period of her disqualification by five months.