“I was carrying out Twigg’s wishes”, murderer tells judge

A WOMAN who admits the murder of her long term partner has told a judge that she was carrying out his wishes.

David Twigg, 46, died after being locked inside a store cupboard at his burning joinery workshop in Burgh le Marsh.

Mr Twigg’s fiancee, 43-year-old Julie Dixon, has admitted striking the match which led to his death from smoke inhalation on 13 March.

A Newton Hearing is currently being held at Lincoln Crown Court to decide Ms Dixon’s motive for killing her businessman partner.

Giving evidence Ms Dixon told the hearing Mr Twigg had been talking about suicide since learning of bankrupcy proceedings and it was idea to die in a fire.

When asked why she lit the match which ignited the petrol which caused Mr Twigg’s death from fumes Ms Dixon replied: “I was going along with plans we had previously made.

“I wanted to carry out his wishes.”

Ms Dixon said it was not her intention to die in the fire and denied suggestions that she was keeping finanical problems from Mr Twigg.

The hearing continues.