House rubbish action

EAST Lindsey District Council has taken action to remove rubbish from two properties in Skegness after owners failed to keep them tidy.

The properties at 52 Scarbrough Avenue and 1B Eastview Terrace have been monitored by East Lindsey District Council for some time and the grounds were recognised locally as being an eyesore.

Both properties, which were Houses of Multiple Occupation, are currently subject to Prohibition Orders, which means they have been closed after owners failed to address a number of important hazards that could have affected the safety of tenants.

Previously the council has carried out work to secure the properties. In November the owners of both properties were served with a notice under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act. These notices required the owners to remove all rubbish to keep the land free from rats and mice.

A re-inspection of the property in December confirmed that the owners had failed to carry out this work. As the owners failed to tidy the land themselves the council has done the work and will send a bill to the owners.

“By failing to comply with this notice the owners have also committed an offence and East Lindsey District Council is currently considering its position in regard to the matter, but it is within the power of the council to prosecute both owners,” said a council spokesperson.