‘Homophobic’ Hogsthorpe man guilty of harassment


A 62-year-old man, described as ‘very, very homophobic’, abused his gay next door neighbours on a daily basis, a court has been told.

Robert Pearson of Thames Close, Hogsthorpe, admitted harassing his neighbours between May 3 and July 25 this year, when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates’ Court.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said the victims, who were in a long term relationship, were the immediate neighbours of Pearson.

He said that Pearson was ‘very, very homophobic’ and on a daily basis was using very abusive remarks towards them, causing them great distress.

Mr Todd said the two complained to the police and Pearson admitted that he had harassed them, telling police that he ‘hated them’ and that the fact that they were gay ‘repulsed him’.

Pearson told the police that the couple should ‘live in the countryside on their own’.

Mr Todd said Pearson was not going to change his views and had a previous conviction for the same type of offence against the same two men and that there was a restraining order taken out against him in 2011 but the offending had started up again almost as soon as the order had expired in July 2012.

Mitigating for Pearson, Ed Bates said Pearson admitted to foul and abusive harassment of the couple but that there had been no violence.

“He is very candid about his views and is very honest about them,” Mr Bates told the magistrates.

He said that Pearson fully complied with the restraining order while it was in force but that the abuse occurred when he was in the garden at the same time as his neighbours.

After receiving a report from probation officer Mark Davies, the magistrates imposed a 12 month community order with supervision and ordered Pearson take a victim awareness module.

A new indefinite restraining order was imposed and he was ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.