Harassment man is fined

A MAN WHO harassed the mother of two women who he said owed him money, has appeared before magistrates at Skegness.

Paul North, 40, of The Close, Skegness admitted harassing the woman between September 1 and 11.

Prosecuting, Miss Marie Stace said North knew the woman’s two daughters.

She said the woman suffered from water retention and could only walk short distances with the aid of crutches.

In early September she started getting telephone calls but no one spoke when she answered.

Then the calls became abusive and she recognised North’s voice and he called her a ‘fat *******’ and a ‘silly fat ****’.

He also told her he’d got some friends who would ‘come round and sort her out’.

On September 10 she heard him shouting abusively outside her home, then she received four or five silent phone calls and then she heard him outside again.

She contacted the police, who went round to his house to warn him about his behaviour, but then she received another call from North when he said: “You’ve really done it now, sending them round to my house, you fat *******.”

She rang the police again and this time, when an officer was with her, North rang again and the officer was able to hear what he said.

North was arrested and he told police he knew the woman’s two daughters and they owed him money.

He admitted shouting and swearing but said he would never hurt anyone and was just trying to get his money back.

In mitigation, Mr Gordon Holt said North had a long history of amphetamine abuse which affected his judgement.

He said he met the woman through her daughters, one of whom he had known for ten years.

He said the woman had said North used to be helpful around the house until he fell out with her daughters after he allegedly lent them £50-£60 which they did not repay.

“He accepts he behaved in a horrible and unpleasant way over eight or nine days and he’s determined it won’t happen again,” he said.

North was ordered to pay a total of £200 in fines and costs and the magistrates issued a restraining order forbidding North any contact with the woman or to go within 100 metres of her home, for the next six months.