Fury over yobs in Fairy Dell

There was fury when images of adults in the Fairy dell were posted on social media.
There was fury when images of adults in the Fairy dell were posted on social media.

Furious parents took to social media over images of yobs and a dog splashing about in the Fairy Dell in Skegness.

One of the images showed a woman on top of the historic fountain, which in April was designated as an Asset of Community Value after a campaign by Skegness Town Council.

Dogs are not allowed in the Fairy Dell.

Dogs are not allowed in the Fairy Dell.

The free paddling pool, run by East Lindsey District Council on South Parade, is a popular destination for families in the summer and signs are in .place clearly stating rules for use and that dogs are not allowed.

On two occasions, the community has fought to keep the Fairy Dell open, so it wasn't surprising that when .the post was shared on the Facebook page Wainfleet Wainfleet by Carl Smith on Friday evening, it attracted 100 comments.

He said: "These people have just been caught on camera ******* about at the Fairy Dell.

"It is not funny, potentially causing damage and having a dog **** in the water where my kids and most of your's go on nice days."

Among the comments, Donna Marshall said: "We the people of Skegness etc have fought for this to stay open twice now for the kids then you get complete mindless 'people' breaking all kinds of rules out of hours, which could have had the place shut down if an incident had happened. Let alone two dogs in there that may have polluted the water where kids play. Bang out of order!"

Tayler Jayce Kyle Peak said: "She wouldn’t be having fun if she fell off and tried to claim."

Apparently it didn't stop there. Sam Crump said: "Parents were letting their big kids bike about in the water yesterday. And there was a lot of kids playing."

The Standard contacted East Lindsey District Council about the incident.

Buildings and Property Service Manager, Duncan Hollingworth, said; “We’ve had a look at the Facebook post thank you. We can confirm there was thankfully no damage caused on this occasion.

"Unfortunately this is something that occurs from time to time and because of the nature of the site, it is not something we are able to prevent. There is signage and locks on the gate but unfortunately not everyone adheres to these.

"The water quality of the site is checked daily before opening and is treated appropriately to ensure safe as possible bathing for visitors."