Fraudulent doorstep trader warning after reports in Alford

Businesses and households have been warned about the dangers of doorstep traders after a number of reports in the Alford and New Bolingbroke area.

A business on Station Road, Alford, was recently approached by men claiming to be highways officers, offering to resurface their car park while they carried out roadworks nearby next Friday, August 17.

The men were in a small white van with ‘Highways Agency’ written on the back, however Lincolnshire County Council has confirmed that none of its workmen would make offers to carry out private work. Its vehicles also display the different Highways Alliance logo.

Similar reports of men in a plain white van, claiming to be resurfacing roads for the council have also been made in the New Bolingbroke area.

Lincolnshire trading Standards has warned of the dangers of buying from doorstep traders.

Reputable traders rarely sell their goods from door-to-door, offer left over material, or push customers for a quick decision.

“If the great deal they are offering you today is not available tomorrow or next week, it’s probably a scam,” said a Trading Standards spokesperson.

“Never hire someone on the spot - ask for references then check them.”

Trading Standards also recommends customers insist on a written contract, detailing the work and its cost and to avoid cash only sales.

They also warn that unmarked vehicles are often a sign of a bogus trader.

For more information contact Lincolnshire Trading Standards on 01522 782341.