Fixed penalty notices for trio over bogus kidnapping in Skegness

Lincolnshire Police.
Lincolnshire Police.

Three men have been issued fixed penalty notices for wasting police time over a bogus kidnapping in Skegness.

Police were called shortly after 9pm yesterday (Thursday, November 13) by a member of staff at the Embassy Centre on Grand Parade who reported having witnessed a man being assaulted and bundled into the back of a van.

As a matter of procedure, the incident was immediately treated as a potential kidnap, triggering a ‘significant police response’, a spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said.

A short time later, the vehicle was traced and stopped and the occupants admitted having staged the entire incident as a prank, he added.

The staff member at the Embassy Centre was not involved in the prank, police added.

A 21-year-old man from Skegness, a 20-year-old man from Sutton On Sea, and a 22-year-old man from Carrington were all issued an £80 fixed penalty notice for wasting police time.

Supt Steve Taylor said: “Kidnap is an extremely serious offence and the police response to a report of this nature will be immediate and intensive, drawing on resources from many different departments and specialised policing units, both within Lincolnshire and across the East Midlands Special Operations Unit region.

“The impact this has on our ability to deal with other incidents is significant and I hope these three men will be reflecting this morning on the utter foolishness of their behaviour.”