Family renew appeal for missing David after ‘horrendous’ wait for body’s confirmation

David has been missing since last Monday.
David has been missing since last Monday.

The family of missing David Le-Man fear yesterday’s dead body discovery may detract from the search for their loved and have asked the public to remain vigilant.

David’s sister-in-law Abigail Taylor says it was ‘bitter sweet’ that the body discovered on the beach north of Gibraltar Point was not David.

Although her family were ‘really pleased’ to receive the confirmation, Abigail says they remain extremely concerned for David’s safety.

She said: “We were really pleased that it wasn’t him but we can’t detract from the fact that some poor guy has washed up and we are still looking for David - it’s bitter sweet really.

“We really need the public to continue looking.”

Yesterday’s discovery, made by a bird-watcher at around 11am, prompted mass speculation that the family’s worst fears had come true.

Abigail said it was ‘horrendous’ waiting for the identification of the body, which police have now announced to be 39-year-old Darren Siggins who was reported missing from Kings Lynn in January.

She said: “The chances of another body washing up when it did must have been a million to one and it seems really cruel that for all the times it should happen, it happened when it did.”

David’s wife Sally is expected to make a renewed public appeal on television in the next few days to ensure the discovery doesn’t detract from search efforts.

David first went missing last Monday, February 4, when he parked his car on South Parade and took his dog Millie for a walk.

Despite a number of sightings around Gibraltar Point on the day of his disappearance and Millie’s discovery shortly before midnight, no one has seen him since.

Police searches during the following days were supported by dozens of public volunteers who scoured the saltmarsh terrain around the nature reserve, which was a popular spot for David to visit - but to no avail.

David was wearing jeans and jacket when he took Millie out but was later spotted without the jacket in just a t-shirt.

Anyone with information should contact the police on 101.