Family ‘gutted’ after burglary

A MOTHER and her two children are devastated after opportunist thieves broke into their home in Alford on Boxing Day.

The culprits stole over £1,100 worth of stuff from Louise Hitchcott’s home in Willoughby Road which has left them feeling vulnerable.

“My daughter hasn’t slept in her own bed since we came home because she knows people have been in our home.

“I’m just gutted about it, I can’t afford to replace all of this,” said 22-year-old Louise.

Offenders broke into the house in the evening and ripped out the TV entertainment system and surround sound equipment which was a present to the family from the children’s father.

“What is worse about it all is the fact,that the stuff was bought on finance, so it will still have to be paid for,” added Louise.

A Wii games console, games and a mobile phone were also taken. They had only been in the home for around three weeks as the family had only recently moved.

Linda Hitchcott, Louise’s mum, said: “My daughter wasn’t at her home when it happened because she came over to me for Christmas.

“I can’t believe there are people out there that would do this sort of thing at this time of year.

“There must be some nasty people, I’m gutted.”

The family were first alerted to the burglary when they came home last Tuesday (December 27).

Louise’s neighbours alerted the police to the incident because they noticed the windows were open and their dog was disturbed on the night.

“All of the wires were ripped out and I’m not sure if those thieves will be able to get rid of it now. It might not be any use to people,” added Linda.

The incident also put a dampener on the family’s New Year celebrations as Louise had intended to have a party at her new home.

But she had decided against having one due to feeling scared in the wake of the theft.

Louise added that she hadn’t wanted to leave the house empty to go to someone else’s party either.

Unfortunately Louise had not had time to arrange insurance for the property due to moving and the approaching Christmas period.

“I had no chance to even think about that,” explained Louise.

PC Nic Hanson, Police Crime Prevention Officer, said: “The post Christmas period is a time when many families are away visiting friends and relatives and their homes are left unoccupied.

“These homes may also be filled with valuable Christmas presents such as games consoles, cameras, TVs etc. and offer rich pickings for the opportunist burglar.

“If you’re going away from home for even the shortest of time, make your home appear occupied by using timers on lamps or by asking a neighbour to switch on lights and draw curtains.”

Linda added: “I just want people to know that this has happened and would urge people in the area to come forward with any information to help my daughter and her family.”