Facebook page to cut crime?

A CAFE owner whose business has been repeatedly targeted by criminals hopes to cut crime using social networking sites.

Troy Cargill is looking to create a website or facebook page where the victims of crime can appeal for information and potential witnesses can be alerted to incidents to assist the police.

Having seen his Lincolnshire Imp Cafe on Lincoln Road, Skegness, burgled three times in quick succession, he is well aware of the turmoil crime can cause and wants to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.

He said: “Sometimes you just put your head in your hands and think - why am I bothering? - I’m putting all these hours in trying to make a living and then your whole world comes crashing down.

“After the last time I thought if more crimes were brought to people’s attention with a facebook page for the community and holidaymakers, it might make Skegness a safer place and send criminals the message that they won’t get away with it.”

Lincolnshire Police, though supportive of any media that raises awareness of crime, has expressed concerns that the venture could prejudice court proceedings or spread unnecessary alarm, due to the lack of control over information being posted.

It believes the police’s own social media pages and websites are sufficient to inform the public and appeal for information.

Mr Cargill, however, believes there is still scope to expand upon the information publicised by the police to cover small scale crimes on a more localised level and would like to hear what the Skegness public think.

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