Escaped prisoner caught in Wainfleet receives sentence

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An escaped prisoner who was caught at Wainfleet railway station after walking out of an open jail because of alleged threats to his life was on Friday sentenced to three months imprisonment.

Mahmoud Dahir, 27, was serving an indeterminate sentence for offences of robbery and possessing an imitation firearm when he fled from North Sea Camp open prison, near Boston, on September 12.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Dahir was reported missing following the 7am roll call and was found by police at 4.55pm at Wainfleet railway station.

The court was told Dahir gave himself up and claimed he was going to see his family after being threatened by three other inmates inside the jail.

Dahir was sentence to an indeterminate sentence for public protection at Harrow Crown Court in 2006 and had recently been moved to North Sea Camp.

Terry Boston, mitigating, told the court Dahir became the victim of threats from other inmates after refusing to pick up a package which included drugs when he was granted leave to travel in to Boston.

Mr Boston said: “To his credit he refused to collect the package. The night after he returned to the jail he was visited by three heavies in his cell and very serious threats were made to him.

“At 1am he asked for the assistance of prison officers but it was not forthcoming and he was told to speak to the morning shift.

“He went to the office before roll call but it was locked. He was seen by people and fearing that his life was endangered he left the prison.”

Dahir, pleaded guilty to escaping from lawful custody on September 12, this year. He was sentenced to three months imprisonment which he will serve concurrent to his sentence for public protection.

Passing sentence Recorder Mark Rhind told Dahir he could not comment on his reasons for escaping.

But he told Dahir.”The last thing you should have done is walk out, although I accept it was a spur of the moment decision on your part.”